• Isaac Luck

How To Book Your Next Tattoo

Be specific, give a detailed description and don't leave anything out. The more your potential artist knows about your ideas and thought process, the better they can help you.

List focal points, main ideas or elements that you want emphasis on in your project. Whether its a small tattoo or a sleeve, artists like to bring certain elements out in tattoos to draw the eye in.

Give ideas on rough size, compare it to something common so your artist can Get an idea of whether or not it will work for the area of the body you're wanting it on.

It's always good to give your artist a general idea of your budget. If money is not necessarily an issue, then this may not apply. At the same time DO NOT disrespect the artist by telling them they're too expensive or that's too much for you. As consumers we don't shop at the Mercedes dealership for our next used Honda right ? If we only have enough for a value meal, it is probably not wise to have an appetite for a fancy steak house.

Compare quality of artists you're considering.Every artist charges differently, and especially for different reasons, I.e. experience, training/education, time tattooing, quality of work, awards, speed. And there may be other things included in the tattoo session that may make the price go up to provide a better experience such as drinks, lunch/dinner, aftercare, no smoke breaks, candy, snacks. All things that are not free right ?

Be patient during the booking process as all artists schedule differently. Some use apps, some have assistants, and some probably need an assistant because they are drowning in messages.

Keep your inquiries to one platform, so your artist isn't responding to you via email, social media, and text. That can get overwhelming and confusing for the artist, along with delay the time frame to get you booked.

Friendly reminders are always appreciated, such as " hey I know you're probably busy, don't forget about me I can't wait to get tattooed by you" or "hey I sent an inquiry and haven't heard back, if you need anything else from me please let me know". Kindness and patience goes a long way with an overwhelmed artist.

Hope you enjoyed the information, and stay tuned for more to come. Blessings

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